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Today, A Global Difference ( launched a website which provides people a simple way to give to causes they believe in simply by shopping online and receiving major discounts as they do so. In addition more revenue can be generated for their cause by using a custom Internet search button powered by Yahoo to do their searching. Each click to a sponsored link can earn five to ten cents for their cause. Sounds like a little change, but those cents can add up to make a lot of sense.

Clients are able to support causes that they wish to invest in for the greater good locally, nationally and around the globe. 

According to Melissa Greer, founder of A Global Difference, “The Global Difference concept was born in 1993. I was a program manager of Employee Events and Corporate Discount Programs for IBM. I was eager to serve a wider client base, as well as to provide expanded services. I hoped one day to make that happen and make a difference for the greater good as well."

With her dream to do something for the greater good, her experience, and an innovative idea, A Global Difference has now become a reality.

Drawing on her background in the field, and more than 20 years of experience, Ms. Greer and her staff of professionals have formed a large network of contacts and companies in the travel and leisure industries, along with leaders in the arts and entertainment industries and local non-profits. These connections make it possible for members of A Global Difference to enjoy significant savings on the things they love while helping causes they care about.  

Ms. Greer says A Global Difference allows members to “Give a little and save a lot” when they shop online.

The Global Difference team is truly committed to making a difference in their communities locally, nationally and throughout the globe.

As a youth, Ms. Greer and a team of college students witnessed firsthand the poverty stricken communities in parts of Mexico. 

Ms. Greer and the team were struck by the ever-present spirit of hope and love that many of these families had. Despite their circumstances they shared what little food they had with Ms. Greer and the team. Greer said, “We were changed forever, realizing that we live in this world not to serve ourselves but to help our brothers and sisters wherever we can.”

Philanthropy had become a huge priority to Ms. Greer and her colleagues and wherever she worked, she was involved with helping her companies make a difference in the community, organizing food drives, working with non-profits, organizing employees to volunteer and work with homeless shelters, food banks, The Giving Tree during the holidays and more. 

After leaving the corporate sector, Ms. Greer moved into the non-profit world, working in an organization that helped low-income women start their own businesses. It was a powerful experience.  Read More ...

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