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The mission of A Global Difference is to help worthy causes grow and thrive.  We do this through our "marketplace for good."  A place where you can shop at a discount and have a percentage of every purchase go to your cause.  It is a beautiful "win-win."  You save, and your cause receives a small percentage of every purchase you make.

We believe that each of us has the opportunity to help one another for the greater good.  When we buy something, we help ourselves, the business and our communities.  We see more jobs created, vital programs maintained and a stronger, more sustainable economy.

Following the economic downturn, grants and subsidies from corporate, federal, state and private sources have been lacking.  Unemployment has been insidious, and community programs and micro-businesses have suffered greatly.

In these difficult times, A Global Difference evolved as a grassroots effort to help. Whether local, national or international, we feature causes from around the globe.  Worthy causes that need our support.

Many of our small businesses have been started by women and men living below poverty level. Statistically, it's been found that when people start a business, they're not only helping themselves, they're taking care of their families and benefitting the community.  We can help.  We can make a global difference.


1.  Join Us
Choose your cause from our roster of "causes."  Invest $25 and 75% goes directly to your cause.  In addition, your investment enrolls you in our GlobalDifference Club, and to say thank you, we'll send you a $25.00 gift certificate to  We will also send you a unique Referral ID for use in our discount mall.

2.  Shop & Save
As a Club member, you're eligible to shop in our club mall, offered in partnership with Rebates for Good.  Using your unique Referral ID, every time you purchase from a participating merchant, a portion of your purchase (a "rebate") goes to your cause:  from 2-10% of the purchase price, depending on the merchant. For example, you can purchase movie tickets at a discount -- saving $3.25 per ticket -- and $.50 of each ticket is invested in your cause!  You save, and your cause benefits with every purchase you make.

3.  Change Lives in the Process
Our Club is growing. Every purchase counts. Together we are changing lives.

Join us. Please choose a cause, invest $25 and join now.

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